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Our highly competent and experienced corporate professionals (herein after called contributor), under the strong leadership provided by SUNRISE FOUNDATION inspires knowledge, learning, hope and personal growth in our rural students. Our career counselling and soft skill training process is strengthened by our contributor’s practical expertise, specially earned by experience and real time situations. All our contributors are committed to provide the scenario-based counselling/ training leveraging their very own experience which shall bring out the best in student’s mind and to empower each one to excel academically, emotionally, socially and Financially. We are committed to mentor & guide deserving students and their 'learning curve' by providing training, career counselling that leads to corporate employment and empowerment of their soft skills. We give learning opportunities that enable rural students to grow and develop in a holistic manner, create an environment for inquisitive, intellectual, innovative minds and enjoy the joy of learning whatever their social back ground may be. We aim to equip children with life skills, emotional intelligence and a sound value system that will hold them in good stead in the future.

Who are we?

We are group of corporate professionals (mostly based in abroad or from metro cities) have committed our time to give back to society where we have born and grown up in (rural) India. We are committed to re-iterate the ‘’hope” to our fellow students and aware what they can achieve (i.e. like we all of us did even we are not so privileged in many ways) and provide a seamless platform to best of our abilities.

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How is Our Sun Rise foundation is different?

Today there are hundreds of different charities, trusts and aid organisations trying to make the world a better place and even our Govt of India has made “Education is a right “for all children. Some of these organisations are more well-known than others, but that doesn’t mean their cause is any less important. We support the common aim of making career a “right”, not a privilege. We carefully select corporate senior leaderships from metro cities/ abroad (also a range of different requests that we feel target our mission) and we bring them to their home state and provide a platform to share their beautiful career journey with students and co-relate with their life as one among them. This will provide immense moral support as all those students as co-relate their life with the councillor and they can be more confident to achieve greater heights in their life.

We leverage Chartered Accountant networks and corporate relationships to choose the “contributor’’ and provide them a “platform’’ to contribute students or society at large. Our Contributors are from Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra and they are very passionate about this cause.

“The Earth is what we all have in common” – Wendell Berry

Sunrise Foundation is committed towards various green initiatives and focusses on giving back to society.

As Sunrise Foundation is working closely with schools, we take every effort to spread the message of Green environment at the root level which creates greater impact by setting the new generation’s Mind-set.

What we've done

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We all are indebted to our society, giving education is the best you can do to others!

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